The Ultimate Producer Pack 2024 includes 3.1 GB+ of premium producer packs, cheat sheets, plugins, e-books & more! Everything you need to become a professional producer!

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Ultimate Producer Pack 2024

Ultimate Producer Pack 2024

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Ultimate Producer Pack 2024

You get All Our Products! 

You will get:

Cheat Code Bundle (PDF) – Sampley

🖱️ Full Product details ⬅️

Drum Patterns Cheat Sheet

✔️ 200 Drum Pattern Graphics Cheat Sheet (All important Genres)


Chords & Scales Cheat Sheet

✔️ 98 Most Important Chords in Keys C, D, E, F, G, A and B

FL Studio Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

✔️ 108 Most Important FL Studio Shortcuts divided into 7 Categories

Music Theory Cheat Sheet

✔️ Music Theory Cheat Sheet including:

  1. Circle of Fifths,

  2. Major Key Chords,

  3. Minor Key Chords,

  4. Main Intervals,

  5. Compound Intervals,

  6. How to build Chords

Song Arrangement Cheat Sheet

✔️ Enhance your knowledge of song structure with our Song Arrangement Cheat Sheet.

Mixing Reference Cheat Sheet (EQ & Compression)

✔️ Improve your audio quality and streamline your process with expertly chosen EQ and Compression Settings (Cut & Boost, Attack & Release) for a range of instruments

Audio Effects Overview Cheat Sheet 

✔️ The Audio Effects Overview Cheat Sheet offers a quick overview of the most important audio effects and their functions.

Reverb & Compression Cheat Sheet

✔️ Provides a detailed breakdown of the functions & effects of a Reverb and Compressor.

Chord Progressions Cheat Sheet

✔️ 150 Chord Progressions (Basic - Advanced - Complex) 

Cheat Code E-Books

1. 🥁 200 Drum Patterns Cheat Book

🔥Introducing the Drum Patterns Cheat Book, your ultimate guide to drum patterns! (PDF Format)

☑️ 200 drum pattern graphics, serving as your ultimate reference whenever you need it. 

☑️ From Trap to Boom Bap, from Reggaeton to RnB, we've got you covered with all the genres you could ever want.

➡️ Avoid Beat Block and get inspired.


  • Afrobeat, Boom Bap, Club Banger, Dancehall, Dubstep, Hardcore Techno, Techno, Trance, EDM, House, Ethnic House, Funk, Future Bass, Hip Hop, Indie Rock, Jazz, Latin, 90s Hip Hop, Pop, Punk, Reggae, Reggaeton, RnB, Rock 'n' Roll, Soul, Drill & Trap


2. 🎹 150 Chord Progressions Cheat Book

🔥 We at Sampley are very excited to launch our brand-new Chord Progression Cheat Book! (PDF Format)

SAMPLEY'S Chord Progression CHEAT BOOK contains:

👉 150 Best Chord Progressions in music (Basic - Advanced - Complex) 

👉 Piano Chord image for every single chord progression

👉 All Genres

What if you could craft the sweetest chord progressions from scratch? 🤔

✔️ Get tons of instant inspiration and creative possibilities

✔️ Improve your knowledge and become more confident when producing

✔️ Master all the essential chord progressions used in today's Hip Hop, Pop and R&B hits!

Why you have to grab this Bundle:

☑️ Create music without focusing on complex music theory

☑️ Make your music stand out by using complex chord progressions and harmonies.

☑️ Boost your success as a producer by completing more tracks than ever before!

☑️ Easily learn how to play professional chord progressions on your MIDI Keyboard

🥁 Mega DRUM MIDI Pack – Sampley

🖱️ Full Product details ⬅️

✔️410 FULL Drum MIDI Patterns (Drag & Drop) 🖱️ = Full Drum Groove containing all parts (Kick, Snare, etc.) of a Drum Loop 

✔️2000+ Individual MIDI Files (Kick Patterns, Snare Patterns, Hihat Patterns, etc...)

Mega Drum Loop Pack – Sampley

🖱️ Full Product details ⬅️

✔️ 624 Full Drum Loops/Fills/Top Drums/HiHat Loops (All Genres)

✔️ 516 Full Drum Loops 

✔️ 31 Drum Fills for Pop, Rock, HipHop,...

✔️ 60 Special Hihat Loops to make your Drums stand out

✔️ 17 Top Drum Loops to unlock unlimited creative possibilities and boost your workflow

✔️ 100% Royalty Free and Original

✔️ All important Genres such as: HipHop, Pop, LoFi, Reggaeton, Dance, Drum and Bass, Techno, Future Bass, Rock + more

200+ Mega Melody Loop Pack [Hiphop/Trap/Pop] – Sampley

🖱️ Full Product details ⬅️

✔️ 209 Melody Loops for Hiphop, Trap, Pop & Drill

✔️ BPM and key included

✔️ 100% Royalty Free

"Roots" - 50 Guitar Loops – Sampley

🖱️ Full Product details ⬅️

✔️ 50 loops of professional guitar recordings, from ambient and acoustic to distorted and electric.

✔️ Whether you're into Hip Hop, Trap or Pop, these loops inspired by the likes of Juice WRLD, Kid Laroi, and Iann Dior are sure to give your music a chill and unique vibe.

✔️ 100% Royalty Free

Mega 808 MIDI Pack – Sampley

🖱️ Full Product details ⬅️

✅ 100 Advanced 808 MIDI Patterns (Drag & Drop) 🖱️

✅ Produce Trap/Hip Hop beats in a flash

✅ Make your tracks more noticeable

 Get inspired right away

808 Sample Pack "Unique Platinum" – Sampley

🖱️ Full Product details ⬅️

💥50 Trap 808 Samples

✔️100% Royalty Free

✔️100% Original and Handmade

✔️All 808s tuned in C

Drum Plugin + VST Instrument Plugin "DRUMZZ" + "SOUNDZZ" – Sampley

🖱️ Full Product details ⬅️

🥁 Drum VST: "DRUMZZ" 🥁

21 Drum Kit Presets
✔️ 9 original and unique Drum Sounds for each Preset (189 Drum Samples included)

Suits the style
✔️Each Drum Sample matches its respective genre perfectly.

Easily accessible
✔️ You get realistic drum sounds for each genre without having to spend time searching the Internet for drum packs. 

🎹🎸Multi-Instrument VST: "SOUNDZZ"

  • ✔️ 113 high quality presets (23 Basses, 8 Bells, 13 Flutes, 15 Guitars, 17 Keys, 20 Pads, 6 Strings and 11 Trumpets)

  • ✔️ Attack and Release Knob

  • ✔️ LP/HP filter

  • ✔️ Vintage Vinyl Effect

  • ✔️ Width Effect

  • ✔️ Reverb Effect

  • ✔️ Delay Effect

Compatible with: FL Studio, Ableton Live, Digital Performer, Cubase, Studio One

Lo-Fi Drum Kit 2024 - "Beryl" – Sampley

🖱️ Full Product details ⬅️

This pack includes:

  • 11 vintage kicks

  • 17 soft claps

  • 29 dusty snares

  • 17 lo-fi hihats

  • 9 lo-fi open hats

  • 7 Percs & FX

  • 9 lo-fi Shakers

Middle Eastern Drum Loop Pack – Sampley

🖱️ Full Product details ⬅️

✅ 61 Traditional Middle Eastern Drum Loops

✅ High-Quality Recording

✅ 100% Royalty Free

Mega Instrument One Shot Pack – Sampley

🖱️ Full Product details ⬅️

➡️What you'll get:

🔥 8 Bells

🔥 13 Flutes

🔥 15 Guitars

🔥 18 Keys

🔥 20 Pads

🔥 6 Strings

🔥 12 Trumpets

Acoustic Drum Kit - "Vintage Drums" – Sampley

🖱️ Full Product details ⬅️

This Drum Kit is perfect for:

✔️ Boom Bap,

✔️ Old School Hip Hop,

✔️ Jazz,

✔️ Funk,

✔️ Rock,

✔️ R&B

✔️ or Lo-Fi


55 MB
225x Drum One Shots
44.1kHz 24-Bit High Quality
Mixed and Mastered by professional sound designers
100% Royalty-Free

1000 MIDI Chords Pack – Sampley

🖱️ Full Product details ⬅️

🔥 1000 Drag & Drop MIDI Chord Progression files for instant inspiration!

☑️ Release more music by starting and finishing tracks quickly

☑️ Don't worry about complex music theory

☑️ Make your music stand out by using advanced chords and progressions

☑️ Accelerate your success as a producer by completing more tracks than ever before

980 Piano Loops Pack – Sampley

🖱️ Full Product details ⬅️

  • 980 Professional Piano Loops
  • All Piano Loops tagged with their Chord Names/bpm
  • Timeless dry piano sound 
  • Compatible with all DAWs
  • All Genres
  • 100% Royalty Free

Mega E-BOOK BUNDLE: "The Mixing Path" - All in One Bundle – Sampley

🖱️ Full Product details ⬅️

Mega E-BOOK BUNDLE: "The Mixing Path" - All in One Bundle - Sampley

💥 Boost your skills and become much more professional with our E-Book MEGA BUNDLE 💥

✔️ Written in an easy and understandable form

✔️ 309 PDF Pages

✔️ All Parts of "The Mixing Path" in ONE BIG BUNDLE! 

Part 1: E-Book "Mixing Path" Part 1: Plugins & Effects Basics - Learn how to set all the Knobs

Part 2: E-Book "Mixing Path" Part 2: Mixing Overview - Learn the Mixing Basics

Part 3: E-Book "Mixing Path" Part 3: 100 FL Studio Tips + Shortcuts - Instantly improve your Workflow

Part 4: E-Book "Mixing Path" Part 4: Music Theory - Learn all the Basics of Music Theory

Part 5: E-Book "Mixing Path" Part 5: The Mindset Path - Get your Mind in the zone

Are Sampley Midi Packs and Sample Packs Royalty-Free?

Sampley Midi and Sample Packs are 100% royalty-free and you can use them for commercial work/releases as well.

Can I get a Refund?

SAMPLEY has a full 100% Money Back Guarantee on all our products within 30 days of purchase. One refund per person. To receive your refund contact support by calling +43664 3811965 or contact us via email at

How long will the delivery take?

Digital Products are delivered instantly via email (2 mins. max.). You will be sent a link for your download as well as an order confirmation.

Are the Midi Packs Compatible with any DAW?

 Yes! Midi Files work on any DAW!

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💪 Get rid of Beat Block Instantly! 🧠

✅ Skyrocket your creativity and inspiration.

✅ Improve your workflow.

✅ Enjoy the creative process.

🧠 Do what you love most and let the ideas flow! 

☑️ ProduceTop Quality BEATS in no time

☑️ Boost your creativity and finish your tracks with ease

☑️ Be confident when working on Tracks of different genres

Beat Production made simple.

✔️ Take your creativity to the next level and finish your tracks faster
✔️ Let your ideas flow and never get Beat Block again
✔️ Work on tracks across all genres with confidence
✔️ Decode the drum patterns of all genres for a deeper understanding of rhythm

Learn the Mixing Basics and clarify things for you when it comes to Mixing

👀 Once you have an overview of the most important mixing tasks, it will be much easier to know in which direction you should work.🙌

Improve your skills and become a professional Producer

✔️ Written in an easy and understandable form

✔️ 309 PDF Pages

✔️ All Parts of "The Mixing Path" in one BIG BUNDLE! 

Enjoy our Mega Packs, perfect for all producers out there!🔥

🧠Our team of experts has carefully curated this pack to ensure that you get the highest quality sounds that will elevate your music game.

About Us

Welcome to Sampleythe ultimate destination for top-notch producer tools.

Our team is made up of highly passionate music producers, composers and sound designers.

Our mission is to make your music production process smoother and more efficient so that you can focus on the creative aspects of your craft.

We want to help producers save time and money while still allowing them to produce top-notch beats, so they can maximize their creative potential.

Our products are designed to be intuitive and simple to ensure that producers can quickly and easily access the tools they need. 

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