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Circle Of Fifths Wooden Wheel

Circle Of Fifths Wooden Wheel

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The Circle of Fifths is a must-have tool for any musician. Designed to help you understand and apply music theory concepts, it provides a simple and effective way to find chords and natural complementary notes in the key. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced musician, this tool will enhance your sound and provide valuable insight into chord theory. Get your Circle of Fifths today!


Material: wood

Weight: 30g

Disc Diameter: 12cm/4.72 inches

Packing list:

1 x Wooden Circle of Fifths

The Wooden Melody Tool is designed for serious musicians seeking to attain musical excellence. This versatile tool is a comprehensive package that serves as a complete guide to music theory, practice and improvisation.

Unlock your potential with our Wooden Melody Tool. Enhance your musical skills and get a better grasp of music theory concepts, accelerating your chord theory proficiency. Our helpful charts and clear instructions ensure a seamless learning experience.

Adjustable key selector

By providing multiple scales and adjustable key selector, Wooden Melody Tool enables you to generate chord progressions and find complementary notes effortlessly. Boost your music creation with endless possibilities and explore new musical dimensions.

Precision Artistry

Transform your sound with the Wooden Melody Tool's expertly crafted precision and craftsmanship. Your audience will be awed by the stunning beauty it adds to your performance while being impressed by the rich, warm tones that leave a lasting impression.

Easy to use

With this easy to use spinning wheel, you can learn the basics of chord construction and application without having to read complex music notation. Simply rotate the wheel to see how different chords are formed and how they relate to each other.

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