Mega Melody Loop Pack

Mega Melody Loop Pack

The pack is designed to help producers create tracks quickly and easily, allowing them to focus on the creative process instead of searching for the right sounds. The Mega Melody Loop Pack provides producers with a wide range of sounds, from classic synthesizer sounds to modern-day digital samples. It includes a variety of genres, from hip-hop to pop, and is suitable for any style of music production.

With its range of sounds, genres, and ease of use, the Mega Melody Loop Pack gives producers the freedom to explore and create their own unique sound. 

All 209 loops have been professionally composed and produced, so producers can be sure that the sounds and melodies they are using are of high quality. Additionally, all the samples are royalty-free, so producers can use them without worrying about copyright issues.

✔️ 209 Melody Samples/Loops for Hiphop, Trap, Pop 

✔️ BPM and key included

✔️ 100% Royalty Free

Demo Loops:

1862 Loops!


100% Royalty Free