1000 Chord Progressions Midi Pack

🎹Mega Chord MIDI Pack

🔥 1000 Drag & Drop MIDI files for instant inspiration!

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🔥 With the Sampley MIDI Chord Pack you get 1000 radio-ready MIDI Chord Progressions for all Genres!

👉 Why Sampley MIDI Chords?

☑️ Release more music by starting and finishing tracks quickly

☑️ Don't worry about complex music theory

☑️ Make your music stand out by using advanced chords and progressions

☑️ Accelerate your success as a producer by completing more tracks than ever before

☑️ Lay the foundation for your tracks with nice chords

☑️ Make your composition more complex and dynamic by adding unique chord progressions 


MIDI Demo · Sampley MIDI Chord Progressions Preview

MIDI Chord Pack Demo Tracks:

☑️ All Chord Progressions are fully customizable

☑️ Works for all Genres

☑️ 100% Royalty Free

This Pack is Compatible with all DAWs

1862 Loops!


100% Royalty Free