Mega 808 Midi Pack

🔊 Mega 808 MIDI Pack

Are you tired of using the same 808 patterns all the time? ☹️

Are your beats missing something? 🤔

You're in luck! We have the perfect solution for you! 

The Mega 808 MIDI Pack is a collection of 100 808 MIDI patterns, designed for creating Trap and Hip Hop 808 patterns. These 808 patterns are suitable for producers of any skill level and can be easily customized within the piano roll of your DAW to fit your own unique sound.

With the Mega 808 MIDI Pack, producers can create banging trap beats in a matter of minutes. This pack eliminates beat block and lack of inspiration. This will completely change your workflow!🔥

🖱️ With just one click, you can add one of 100 MIDI 808 Patterns to your project and start creating.

A killer 808 pattern will make your beats stand out. It's like cooking a gourmet meal - the right ingredients make all the difference in the flavor and presentation. A little bit of something special, like a unique 808 pattern, can take your beat from average to extraordinary.

✅ 100 Advanced 808 MIDI Patterns (Drag & Drop) 🖱️

✅ Produce Trap/Hip Hop beats in a flash

✅ Make your tracks more noticeable

 Get inspired right away

✅ All Patterns are fully customizable

 All DAWs are supported

✅ 100% Royalty Free

Demo Loops:

🔥 Get ready for a shock when you see what you can make and how much smoother your production process is with our 808 MIDIS - the ultimate way to catapult your beat creation into the stratosphere and craft something remarkable!

1862 Loops!


100% Royalty Free