Cheat Sheet Bundle

Cheat Sheet Bundle (PDF)

You'll receive 9 Cheat Sheets in PDF & PNG Format. 

Drum Patterns Cheat Sheet:

(PDF & PNG: 6912 x 3456 px High Quality Resolution for printing)

✔️ 66 Drum Pattern Graphics Cheat Sheet (All important Genres)

  • Afrobeat, Boom Bap, Club Banger, Dancehall, Dubstep, Hardcore Techno, Techno, Trance, EDM, House, Ethnic House, Funk, Future Bass, Hip Hop, Indie Rock, Latin, 90s Hip Hop, Pop, Punk, Reggaeton, RnB, Soul, Drill & Trap


NEW! Chord Progressions Cheat Sheet:

(PDF & PNG: 1920 x 1080 px High Quality Resolution for printing)

👉 62 Chord Progressions (Basic - Advanced - Complex) 

👉 Piano Chord images for every single chord progression

👉 Good for all Genres


Chords & Scales Cheat Sheet

(PDF & PNG: 2000 x 2500 px High Quality Resolution for printing)

✔️ 98 Most Important Chords in Keys C, D, E, F, G, A and B - containing:

  • Major Chords & Minor Chords,

  • Maj./Min. 7th Chords,

  • Maj./Min. 6th Chords,

  • Dominant 7th Chords,

  • Dominant 9th Chords,

  • Add9 Chords,

  • Sus2/Sus4 Chords,

  • Augmented (aug) Chords,

  • Diminished (dim) Chords,

  • Major & Minor Scales for C, D, E, F, G, A, B Keys

FL Studio Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

(PDF & PNG: 2000 x 1632 px High Quality Resolution for printing)

✔️ 108 Most Important FL Studio Shortcuts divided into 7 Categories:

  1. Files Operations Shortcuts

  2. Windows Navigation Shortcuts

  3. Piano Roll Shortcuts

  4. Pattern Selector Shortcuts

  5. Playlist Action Shortcuts

  6. Mixer Shortcuts

  7. Channel Rack Shortcuts

Music Theory Cheat Sheet

(PDF & PNG: 2000 x 1125 px High Quality Resolution for printing)

✔️ Music Theory Cheat Sheet including:

  1. Circle of Fifths,

  2. Major Key Chords,

  3. Minor Key Chords,

  4. Main Intervals,

  5. Compound Intervals,

  6. How to build Chords,

Song Arrangement Cheat Sheet

(PDF & PNG: 2000 x 1125 px High Quality Resolution for printing)

✔️ Enhance your knowledge of song structure with our Song Arrangement Cheat Sheet.

This comprehensive resource includes:

  • 12 ready-to-use song arrangement examples,

  • Exact definition of key song part terms such as:

    • Intro
    • Phrase,
    • Pre-chorus,
    • Chorus,
    • Hook,
    • Bridge,
    • and Outro.
  • Suitable for any genre, from hip hop to pop to RnB.

Mixing Reference Cheat Sheet (EQ & Compression)

(PDF & PNG: 2000 x 1125 px High Quality Resolution for printing)

✔️ Improve your audio quality and streamline your process with expertly chosen EQ and Compression Settings (Cut & Boost, Attack & Release) for a range of instruments including:

  • Kick,
  • Snare,
  • Clap,
  • Tom,
  • Percs,
  • Hihat,
  • Ohat,
  • Percs,
  • Bass,
  • 808,
  • Guitar,
  • Piano,
  • and Vocals.

This comprehensive guide serves as your ultimate reference for setting up your eq and compressor, with expert recommendations and objective information to enhance your production process.

Audio Effects Overview Cheat Sheet 

(PDF & PNG: 2000 x 1125 px High Quality Resolution for printing)

✔️ The Audio Effects Overview Cheat Sheet offers a quick overview of the most important audio effects and their functions.

Definitions and Control instructions

It provides precise definitions and instructions for adjusting knobs on audio effect processors, including:

  • Reverb,

  • Compressor,

  • Gate/Expander,

  • Delay,

  • Phaser,

  • Chorus,

  • Saturation/Distortion,

  • Limiter/Soft Clipper.

Important mixing tasks

Additionally, it covers important mixing tasks such as:

  • Stereo Imaging,

  • Parallel Compression,

  • Multiband Compression,

  • Spectral Dynamics,

  • and Mid/Side EQing.

Reverb & Compression Cheat Sheet

(PDF & PNG: 2000 x 1125 px High Quality Resolution for printing)

✔️ Provides a detailed breakdown of the functions & effects of a Reverb and Compressor.

Reverb Cheat Sheet

Covers essential reverb types such as:

  • Room,
  • chamber,
  • plate,
  • spring,
  • hall,
  • and ambience,

as well as common controls like

  • Pre Delay,
  • Decay,
  • Low/High Cut,
  • Width,
  • Diffusion, a
  • and Mix (Dry, wet)

Compressor Cheat Sheet

With the Compressor Cheat Sheet you can gain a comprehensive understanding of compressor settings and their various functions, such as:

  • Threshold,
  • Ratio,
  • Attack, 
  • Release,
  • and Knee.

✔️ Also includes definitions and explanations of how these settings impact the sound.

 👉 Print it out or use it as wallpaper in your DAW for instant inspiration!

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